"everything as a service"

needs a new breed of partner


why illapa

We think it is fair to say that anybody involved in the IT industry will accept that Cloud has changed everything, in exactly the same way the internet and the smart phone changed everything previously.

Building an IT business on existing technical and commercial principals would have constrained us with the same issues and limitations as everyone else ‘out there’.  So, with a clean sheet of paper we’ve built our model from scratch.

Our vision of how the IT industry will look moving forward is as follows:

  • information technology will, in the main, be delivered as a service

  • individual LOB’s within a business will self-serve

  • apart from data classification, sovereignty, and latency - location becomes largely irrelevant

  • mid to large enterprises are likely to have data in multiple locations delivered by different providers

  • traditional appliances will be delivered as virtual images from a central library

  • current practices where services are procured on credit cards do not have sufficient levels of control around cost, security, and governance

  • service terms will be rolling monthly with no penalties for termination

  • you will only pay for what you consume

If you share our opinion of how things will look moving forward then you will understand that ‘everything as a service’ needs a new breed of partner.

We can already see aspects of our future vision exist or practically exist.  However, most IT businesses have a foot in both camps where their cloud model coexists alongside more traditional environments based on the purchase of hardware, software and services.

Trying to compete with the largest companies on the planet to build our own public cloud would be financial suicide and to a large extent that ship has sailed.  What we have built are business solutions that deliver a rich customer experience bridging the gaps between what exists today and what will be needed to remain relevant in the future.

Our solutions empower IT departments to build consistent policies around image builds, security, governance, cost control and data protection but without removing the ability of the line of business to self-serve.