cloud policy engine

without visibility you can't have control


get a consolidated view of your on-premise and cloud environments.

support for bare metal, multiple hypervisor and container orchestration

gain visibility of your on-premise, private and public cloud environments

get insights into, managing and controlling public cloud costs


enhance cost/performance ratios of your cloud infrastructure

intelligence on usage, utilisation and costs of current infrastructure

easily right size over provisioned infrastructure

automatically shut down resources through periods of inactivity


modernise app infrastructure with multi cloud and platform integration.

role based policy control governing feature functionality access

enable faster self-serve it resource provisioning to any environment

accelerate developer workflow with industry leading integrations


protect any on-premise data in the cloud

With a multi-cloud strategy, you’re positioned to leverage any public cloud provider to help execute a consistent backup and disaster recovery policy, optimising any legacy backup systems.


secure cloud transformation

Menlo Security Cloud Platform is the only cloud security solution that is powered by isolation.  

Enterprises can now adopt SaaS applications and accommodate greater traffic volumes without sacrificing security or user experience.