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ERA delivers Workflow Solutions to help organisations deliver flexible, faster and more efficient ways to address their ever demanding project needs, whilst reducing costs and providing dedicated support to help you reduce downtime, speed recovery and make the most of your assets.
Managed Services include Infrastructure,Storage Services, 

Remote Editing and Media Cloud Archiving.

IT Services, IT Solutions, IT Support

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, a specialist team delivering an invaluable level of knowledge and expertise to enterprise and education clients across the UK.

Everything "aaS" Needs a New Breed of Partner

Established in 2017 specifically to provide end user value over and above what is provided from the “as a Service” vendor. A long business transformation, and the necessity to continue to procure hardware, software, and services as separate component parts will continue for some while yet, however these assets will have to co-exist with cloud services, with shared operations, management, security, and governance policies.