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Switch off when not in use - the luxury of renting!

If done properly, moving to the cloud allows organisations to increase the utilisation of their workloads whilst simultaneously reducing the cost. Substituting a traditional up-front CapEx model with a more efficient pay-as-you-use OpEx approach can offer significant advantages. However, when building workloads in the cloud, it's critical to take control of the economics of this chosen approach. It’s important to think beyond, what looks like on the surface, to be a pricing advantage for a Server over it being on-prem in a datacentre. We believe organisations need to investigate how to effectively use services to lower their cloud costs.

By leveraging the cloud to deploy infrastructure as code, it’s very easy for developers to create templates to quickly build and rebuild environments. This approach makes it possible to shutdown and delete unused cloud resources without implication but only when done in a controlled way.

A key feature of running instances in the cloud is that you only pay for the resources you use. Production environments typically run 24/7; however, test and development environments are normally used only during business hours and usually for a finite length of time. Keeping instances running through the night or over the weekend serves no real purpose, so turning them off saves money. Also, leaving instances running for longer than they are required consumes storage costs, even if they are switched off.

Therefore, to reduce cloud costs, it’s critical to shut down unused instances, especially in test and development environments, at the end of each working day and for the weekend. However, manually stopping and starting large groups of instances every day can be tedious and difficult to enforce. Instances that are no longer required should be deleted but are often left forgotten and orphaned. Illapa cloud provides built-in tools to automate (and enforce) power schedules and lifecycle policies to ensure instances aren't left running or unused thus burning your budget.

This intelligent control coupled with the appropriate use of reserved instances and optimising processor and memory sizing completes the trilogy of guidance from the illapa cloud cost optimisation aspect of our service.

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