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Let's (not!) all go down a rabbit hole.

Putting all of your eggs in one cloud basket might seem like it solves a bunch of problems particularly around cloud security, but will going deep down that rabbit hole limit your ability to pivot if you needed to in the future?

Virtually everybody we speak with now has some form of Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE) and/or a Cloud First Strategy, but what are the pros and cons of selecting and sticking with a single public cloud vendor?

If your selection is IaaS, and you remain in complete control of your Platform, then your risks are negligible. Even the largest public cloud vendors now have specific migration toolsets to enable data migration. How very generous of them.

The issues start to become more acute the higher up the service chain you go with any public cloud vendor, particularly if you are developing your own applications in their proprietary environment. This may lock you in to them and restrict your options in the future if your strategy starts to differ from theirs. And how much control would you have over cost increases? To re-engineer and operate on an alternative cloud or maybe to your private cloud could be expensive and time consuming. This action would defocus attention away from continuous application delivery, which keeps you ahead of your competition, and is why you journeyed to the cloud in the first place.

The key here is to keep your options open, build a robust, secure cloud first strategy that gives you all the attributes of a cloud model, enables continuous application delivery, but doesn't intrinsically bind you to a single provider.

illapa delivers a multi cloud, customisable management UI with a bespoke image library specific to your business needs. We empower you to separate your platform and application development from any specific cloud vendor, enabling you to continuously review which infrastructure vendor is the right one for your business.

We are not saying don't use public cloud and we don't envisage companies to flip flop every time there is a Thursday promo, but just make informed decisions that work for your business today, without limiting your options in the future and restricting your agility. To do this you need a multi-cloud management platform and that’s what we are. And in line with this cloud world that we are in, its a pay as you use service.

If you would like hear more about Illapa, and our services please email us at, or call Amanda Baxter on 07501 495058

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