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Oh, how times have changed since Batman said those words to Dr. Chase Meridian in 1995, but this blog is not about movies it’s about automation.

The motor car is the perfect example of a complex solution with thousands of component parts working together in harmony to deliver a simple but efficient user experience.

There are millions of decisions being made across the entire vehicle at any given time, but you don't need to know what they are as long as they deliver the desired outcome. What the car manufacturers have done really successfully since 1995 is automate all the underlying decisions, so apart from alarms (things outside of parameters) all you only need to know is when to fill up.

For our user experience and decision-making process, we rely completely on the dashboard but as more of this is automated we will rely on artificial intelligence to make the correct decisions for us.

Sadly, at the moment it would seem that IT is more like the car of pre 1995 as opposed to something more modern, where too many organisations are using spanners in an attempt to keep running smoothly. Trawling through terabytes of data, across many interfaces, trying to correlate the information and look for anomalies in an attempt to make informed decisions. This is a challenge.

Guess what! Too much data, too little time! ...the ONLY way we are going to solve this problem is to automate.

The key here is not a rip and replace approach as this is likely to be emotive and quite intrusive. We believe everyone should embrace the notion of a single customisable dashboard that delivers the information in real-time to allow us to make informed decisions about all aspects of our business.

Cloud goes some way to deliver this experience, but as per our previous blog - in that going all in with a single cloud provider has its own inherent risks - it is likely that we will/should end up in a multi cloud environment. API’s enable us to connect to many different clouds & toolsets plus automation enables us to build repeatable governance lead workflows. This gives us the ability to empower a self-service model while reducing operational overhead, driving productivity and improving the bottom line.

Through our single pane of glass dashboard illapa are able to build an abstracted governance layer that will automate critical workflows, whilst keeping you in complete control.

If you would like hear more please email us at, or call Amanda Baxter on 07501 495058

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