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Get aggressive with Reserved Instances

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

My last post talked about over provisioning as a factor to wasted cloud spend. Reserving instances can reduce your cloud spend by circa 30%, so sticking with rolling monthly workloads could be another big contributor to the issue.

An apparent lack of ability to identify whether the workload is transient or perpetual generally means administrators are too slow in buying reserved instances. To be clear, a reserved instance is a Cloud vendors way of lowering the cost of infrastructure in exchange for an annual commitment. Neglecting to purchase reserved instances is not only lining the pockets of the Cloud providers it's increasing the cost of your cloud consumption.

So why aren't more people buying reserved instances? The problem is that working out what type of reserved instance to buy, and when to buy it can sometimes be daunting. It appears users are concerned that rather than reducing costs, making the move to a reserved instance, might actually end up costing more. As there are many different variables involved in choosing the right reserved instance, and an inability to decipher the monthly invoice, many organisations defer the decision in fear of making the wrong choice.

As we identified during my last blog, Industry analytics suggest that circa 35% of cloud spend is wasted (in our experience this figure is closer to 45%) and failing to purchase reserved instances is another big contributor to wasted spend.

Illapa Cloud "OpsMgr" can bring order to the chaos, by bringing clarity to the decision making process of when to reserve, and when not to reserve.

Our multicloud discovery will provide visibility of all cloud instances, this will rapidly start to provide guidance on whether to resize machines and/or to move to reserved instances. The associated cost savings are detailed prior to execution in order for you to make an informed decision. This process is non-intrusive and can be used to gain a ‘point in time’ snapshot of your multi-cloud estate irrespective of whether you execute on none, some or all of the offered optimisations.

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