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Cloud Governance as a Service

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

illapa cloud is a pay monthly web based cloud management service, designed

from the ground up to empower IT Dept's and Managed Service Providers to

enforce workload governance regardless of the infrastructure location. By enabling the LOB and/or external customers to manage their digital assets we significantly reduce an organisations operational overhead. With a common UI that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual User, illapa cloud provides analytics and focused reporting to ensure complete visibility and allows management of even the most fragmented estates. Our solution can be used as a cost management tool but if used ubiquitously, cost management becomes a component of cloud governance.

Workload Visibility

As soon as we connect our service in

discovery mode to any cloud, public or

private, we can quickly gain a full inventory of

all the assets deployed within those

environment(s). We can use this method to

identify problematic instances that are over

specified or generally outside of tolerance.

Workload Security

This is consistently one of the top priorities for

businesses. Organisations with dispersed workloads with a dynamic infrastructure makes maintaining a consistent security policy more challenging. illapa OpsMgr adopts the necessary security policy at the time of provisioning, therefore your data always complies to your selected security policies.

Workload Protection

illapa OpsMgr with illapa Protect provides full

cloud to cloud off-site backup and disaster

recovery, this function can be performed at

the time of provisioning through our web

based portal. Backup schedules and

restorations can be managed on a granular


Continuous Management

All workload provisioning can be done using illapa OpsMgr which gives you a customisable central

accessible UI allowing LOB demarcation for

spend including role-based identification and

access controls. You will also have the ability

to optimise the platform using telemetry data

based on usage specific to the workload, which

equates to money saved.

Cloud Billing

illapa solves two distinct billing problems -

difficulty in reconciling an invoice to the

infrastructure used and fragmentation of the IT

estate through unsanctioned IT expenditure. We

can consolidate multiple cloud accounts into a

single invoice and reconcile the invoice against

the spend (by group and individual) in OpsMgr.

If you would like hear more about Illapa, and our services please email us at, or call Amanda Baxter on 07501 495058

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