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Bring order to over-provisioning in the cloud

Old habits die hard! Historically, IT departments had to build systems that were big enough to handle peak demand, and also be relevant to the business throughout the depreciation cycle. As a result IT estates were typically over sized, and virtual machines over provisioned for the current workload, and apart from the initial capital expenditure the only real penalty for this approach was the cost of space and power.

That's not how to provision in the cloud!.

In the cloud, you can build only what your business needs today, and provision instances based on average consumption, allowing the cloud to deal with the occasional spikes. Over-provisioning is a cost you don't need to incur, and bringing an ownership mentality to a rental model results in some of the most costly mistakes people make when running infrastructure in the cloud? The problem is a purchasing paradox, where those in charge of managing cloud resources often buy too much of one thing (or not enough of another).

So, what are IT and DevOps teams buying too much of? Quite simply, they're often provisioning too much cloud computing power. People frequently over-provision infrastructure, buying capacity just in case they need it. However, the cloud allows you to spin up infrastructure as you go and as you need it.

Industry analytics suggest that circa 35% of cloud spend is wasted, and over provisioning is a big contributor to this wasted spend, in our experience this figure is closer to 45%.

Illapa Cloud "OpsMgr" can bring order to over-provisioning chaos, providing visibility & guidance through cloud audit as a service and enabling you to bring cloud under your control.

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