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how to buy

stage 1 - rolling monthly contract 

At the end of the free trial period, to continue to use our services, we can enter into formal service contract, accept a written purchase order, or we can simply start to invoice at the end of each month.

If professional services are required, we will help tailor our “cloud suite” solutions to meet the individual needs of your business, this can include AD integration, bespoke instance creation, automated workflows, per instance price plans etc.

Our billing is based on a peak per instance per month basis, where we only charge for the number of instances that are managed through the interface during that period. The shortest term in one month, and we can roll the contract one month at a time with no termination penalty.

stage 2 - extending the contract

Naturally we will be delighted to extend the term of a contract to 1, 3, or 5 years, however, we still bill monthly in arrears, and only for what is managed through our interface during that month.

stage 3 - termination

We want our solutions to be retained because we add massive value to your business, NOT because we have made it difficult to terminate.

If for any reason you wish to terminate, all our services are abstraction layers, and therefore when removed you will be left with the infrastructure, management, and naming conventions that you had prior to working with us.

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