illapa cloud suite puts you in complete control of you multi-cloud environment

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stage 1 - a closer look

To create your unique tenancy, branded with the logo of your choice, and with the usernames you want to give access to.

Select role based access so you can tailor the interface for different users from full admin rights to only able to provision and single instance in a single cloud.

Provide access to our vSphere sandbox so you can provision and manage instances from our library


At this stage we are not connected to any of your infrastructure.

stage 2 - many hands, one cloud

To be able to manage your multi cloud environment we need to ingest your unique public cloud credentials, this has no impact on your relationship with your public cloud vendor, you remain in complete control of the management and billing of your cloud estate


To enable us to manage your private infrastructure we will need VPN access, regardless of whether it is public or private we have no access to your data, and all private keys are encrypted


We are not storing, or moving your data, we are an abstracted management platform

Your 30 day free trial starts when we have completed this phase

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