discover FAQs

What is required from me for Illapa to deliver the discovery/guidance audit?


The ONLY thing we need to commence our audit is your public cloud credentials, we are a completely passive abstraction layer that is configured in listening mode, we have NO ability to make adds moves and changes to your cloud environment


How long will it take to connect our clouds to your service?


Depending on how many disparate clouds you are looking to audit will depend upon how long the audit setup is, but if you budget 5 minutes for each unique cloud you will get an idea of how quickly we can start to deliver results.


How long will the audit last?


The audit will start gathering information immediately, and we will be able to start to make recommendations within the first couple of hours. As with any intelligence the longer you have the more you will be able to fine tune the recommendations, however, to gain accurate time-based analysis you would probably want why two weeks, traversing a couple of weekends.


Who has access to my data?


Only you have access to your data, we are merely collecting metadata for our audit


Is my metadata secure?


All secret keys, and metadata are encrypted at rest and in transit


Where is your service hosted from?


Our service is hosted in AWS Ireland, our “Security Best Practice” document is available on request