founded by leaders of the IT industry, illapa has developed solutions designed specifically to meet the demands of the digital transformation


about us

New entrants to the IT marketplace, are not playing by the old rules, and as a result the incumbent stakeholders are challenged with their traditional transfer of title sales models. 

An IT estate will no longer be made up of disparate monolithic appliances connected by unique network connections, we are living in an API connected world, where potentially everything is interconnected through shared resources.

IT managers will need tools to provide a holistic view of all their corporate assets, as this is the only way that they will have the chance to manage these assets, and create consistent policies around security, and governance. 

Illapa has developed solutions that empower IT departments to gain the necessary visibility, enforce the necessary policies, ensure optimal cost/performance, and cost controls, whilst allowing the line of business (LOB) to continue to self-serve.

So now instead of selling you that shiny appliance, our customers can select products from images in our virtual library that can easily be provisioned in to any cloud environment. 

It is this radical shift in how we bring new products to market that will truly enable our partners, and customers to prosper in this age of digital transformation